3DPrinterOS Refresher

This is a review of the 3DPrinterOS workflow. If this is your first time using 3DPrinterOS, you will still need to schedule an introductory course by emailing us to register an account.

3DPrinterOS Review PDF

Solidworks Introduction

The attatched PDF gives a brief introduction to SolidWorks. For more detail, explore YouTube or consider taking the University's SolidWorks course. The University also provides access to the Autodesk Suite, although any CAD or other software capable of exporting .STLs is compatible with our software.

SolidWorks Introductory PDF

Laser Cutting & Engraving Tutorial

The Cube also houses a laser cutter, which uses Adobe Illustrator to produce parts. Note that SolidWorks can export 2D drawings with the .AI file extension allowing for more precise measurements than by simply drawing a part in Adobe Illustrator.

Laser Cutter PDF Instructions